Discover an International Centre of Stays

What is an International Centre of Stays...?

“The CIST created a welcome concept and an identity that are based on both the originality of the place and its commitment concerning freedom and comfort for their guests, emphasizing respect for the human person.”

This is how one could describe an International Centre of Stays, a.k.a CIS in French. For business or tourism, it is a residential hotel which groups all the advantages of other types of lodging together. There is a food service, lodging service, room rental for meetings, seminars or other activities depending on the place.

Conviviality, meetings and exchanges

An ICS welcomes all year round groups of young people (schools), professionals (for events or seminars), for individuals (families, trips with friends). 

Their commitment day after day is the promotion of discoveries and meetings. That is why they have collective spaces (lounges, game rooms, bar, large entrance halls, which are fostering mutual exchanges

What about schools ?

A double vocation, this is what inspires the spirit of International Centres of Stays. The cultural aspect is combined with an educative action, in the heart of an instructive project, defined beforehand. This educative action promotes access for children and teens to culture (as a citizen, for hobbies or sports…). Most of the themes approached are linked to the characteristics and advantages of our area. For instance, the ICS-Toulouse is established in the heart of the Aeroconstellation, next to the largest aeronautical industries in Toulouse. The Centre is in the Domaine d’Ariane, and with more than 27 hectares, it offers courses, workshops, conferences, debates about science et industrial know-how in aeronautics, astronomy and astronautics.