The Airexpo 2015 welcomes famous aircrafts in the French Southwestern skies

Back in 2014, the 28th edition of the Airexpo took place, welcoming nearly  20 000 spectators. This year, a new team of students of famous aeronautical schools in Toulouse, such as the ENAC or the ISAE, have set themselves this challenge with a support of about 200 volunteers. The exposition will take place on Saturday, May 30th a the Muret-Lherm Aerodrome, a few miles away from Toulouse.

These 23 young aviation geniuses have been working on this project since November 2014, for the 29th edition of such a monumental event. The latters consists of an exposition of mythical aircraft and contests, on the ground. But here comes the best part : an air ballet will dazzle old and young persons. By the way, boys and girls younger than 12 years old will have some special activities and will be granted free entrance. 

Last year, the Airexpo had received some giants of the skies as the famous Beluga, the Swift Patrol, but also the Aerobatics Team of the French Air Army. People in the Pink City, and even in the region are eager to discover the new program of this promising new edition. 


Here, you can see the Poster Contest winner's work :

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