Seminars, when mere asociates become a team

When relaxation rubs shoulders with business meetings, when hierarchy shades off during a week-end, when activities replace your schedule. No doubt, this is a business seminar. But what is beneficial in this new type of management?  

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What is a seminar ?

Motivation seminars, team cohesion seminars, teambuilding, the terms may differ but the goals are the same.

A business seminar is one of the different kinds of meeting organized within a company. It may last a single day or a week-end. The particularity of the seminar is that it takes place out of the workplace, often in a friendly or even unusual place.

Amongst other things, the goal is to strengthen the cohesion within a team, to stimulate a regain of motivation, to develop the feeling of membership in the company, to improve relationships between colleagues and subordinates/managers...

Stimulating team spirit, which is a founding basis in any collaboration, or any professional success, needs to happen through group activities and sports.

Unifying and self-involving, the activities proposed during the seminar are favourable to exchanges and communication. The aim is to get the employees to come together again, to progress, to learn, to communicate, to work and build with each other.


Is it efficient ?

Although the concept becomes widespread, some stay sceptical about the actual benefits of a seminar. Indeed, bringing employees out of the usual workplace, which implies its strong hierarchy and inherent pressure, may cause certain awkwardness with associates.

These associates, who do not know how to behave, lose their bearing and then they stay in the background and so they become more reluctant to participate in group activities.

In order to avoid this problem, the essential rule is to be prepared! Consulting teams beforehand lets you know their needs, their wishes but also their fears and the potential stumbling blocks that could impede the good atmosphere of the seminar.

To conclude, a business seminar has the particularity of representing a highlight in the life of the employee as it lets you carry out an action on communication and cohesion within your teams.

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