What type of accommodation to choose in Toulouse?

To stay in Toulouse you can choose between hotels, camping, bed and breakfast in private home, youth hostels, but only one residential hotel combines all of these advantages: CIS-Toulouse.

It can indeed be difficult sometimes to find a hotel in Toulouse, close to the cultural and industrial centers. The CIST offers hotel quality accommodation in Toulouse. Business accommodation or tourist accommodation, the International Center for Stays in Toulouse will welcome you all year round. To discover and visit Toulouse, the pink city, book your stay at CIS-Toulouse. For business tourism, book a night or a week, a few miles away from the largest companies in the Toulouse aviation industry.

Our residential in Toulouse offers the same performances as hotels in Toulouse center, but you will enjoy nature and space in addition.  
It’s an ideal place for a weekend-holiday in Toulouse after having met your customers during the week.


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