Scientific and technical facilities for Aeronautical courses


The CIST is near the aviation centre of Toulouse, where European and world leaders in the aviation industry gather. The CIST hosts the Permanent Education Center for Science and Industrial technology (CPESTI). It's an aviation training centre in Toulouse.

This centre is run by a team of scientists who provide internships, scientific conferences and debates throughout the year, but also :

  • Astronomy training courses and workshops
  • Aeronautical training courses and workshops
  • Astronautic training courses and workshops


scientifique1To make this possible, the CPESTI offers : :

  • An educational resource center
  • A computer room connected to Internet
  • A flight simulator set according to the sky of Toulouse
  • A complete weather station
  • Telescopes (including one of 400mm)
  • A music recording studio
  • A FM radio studio
  • An inflatable planetarium
  • Equipment for model aircraft making with embedded video system
  • Equipment for the construction of small model rockets